Pineview Commons admits those who are no longer able to safely care for themselves at home but do not require the services of a skilled nursing facility.

All potential residents must participate in a pre-admission interview with a member of our administrative staff to assess if they are appropriate for the assisted living level of care. This will determine whether the facility is able to meet all of the resident’s needs upon admission. This interview may take place at our facility or any other community facility such as a hospital or nursing home.

Call to schedule a tour and/or call for an admission packet.


Once the pre-admission interview is complete and it is determined that the individual is appropriate for the assisted living level of care, an admission application must be completed and returned to the facility for review and approval. Pending availability and approval of the application, a bed offer may be given to the individual, a family member, or the facility where the individual is staying.
There is no obligation to accept the bed offer, but if in agreement, arrangements must be made by the potential resident, a family member, or the facility in which they are in to have the medical paperwork completed. This paperwork must be completed by the MD following the individual at that time and returned to the facility. Once all the required paperwork is received, the facility will contact you to arrange a date for admission.

Pineview Commons operates a New York State Department of Health approved Assisted Living Program (ALP). This program will allow our residents to remain in the comfort of their new home, when it might not otherwise be possible, as some of their medical needs increase.